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SugarCRM in India

India has always been the hub of technological developments and implementations.  SugarCRM has completely changed the game of CRM software with its association with in numerous customers, partners and developers here in India. Being open-source in nature, it is being luxuriated by various companies with teams ranging from as less as 10 to 5000+ [...]

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How to extend reach of SAP Business One with SugarCRM

SAP Business One (B1) is one the pioneers in providing ERP business solutions for Small and Medium sized enterprises; whereas SugarCRM is one of the most powerful and used open-source Customer relationship management platforms out there. Integrating your SAP Business One back-end to SugarCRM with a sugar connector (agent) can prove beneficial in copious [...]

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How PHP is changing the face of modern web application

Web Programming has been in the main stream since the early 90’s and has been on the rise since in terms of user base as well as online communities. Why wouldn’t it be, if you look at the power of the web application and the tasks they are able to execute? This has been [...]

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Top 5 Simple Low cost CRMs for small businesses

Customer Relationship Management applications are incredibly powerful tools which when implemented in the right way can do wonders for a company. For big enterprises CRM systemsare generally heavyweight, cumbersome and expensive to maintain. In small business environments, it is sometimes very difficult to decide the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software because of their unique requirements. [...]

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ClearTrip SugarCRM Implementation

ClearTrip is one of Asia’s leading travel portal ranked 124th by Alexa in terms of traffic volume in the region. It was using community edition of SugarCRM for its after sales process. However the system had become non-responsive due to data volume and the immediate task on hand was to optimize the instance as [...]

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How CRM can help retain customers

It is always important to find ways that are effective in maintaining good relationship with our existing customers. Also, at the other end we need focus on attracting new potential customers to help business grow continuously. If you agree, then it’s time to think about to implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It becomes difficult [...]

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