How to extend reach of SAP Business One with SugarCRM

//How to extend reach of SAP Business One with SugarCRM

How to extend reach of SAP Business One with SugarCRM

SAP Business One (B1) is one the pioneers in providing ERP business solutions for Small and Medium sized enterprises; whereas SugarCRM is one of the most powerful and used open-source Customer relationship management platforms out there. Integrating your SAP Business One back-end to SugarCRM with a sugar connector (agent) can prove beneficial in copious ways.

Keeping in mind SAP best practices it is very much possible to integrate sugar with SAP B1 back-end. This not only helps you have a transparent and synced front and back end but also opens numerous paths for your business to grow, increase ROI and reach new heights.


Why integrate SAP Business One with SugarCRM

Though SAP B1 is an all-in-one ERP solution for SMEs but it lacks a lot of functionalities that the industry needs, especially when the businesses are preferring cloud/eCommerce over age old brick and mortar stores. Using Sugar connector as an agent to connect these two platforms can provide picture-perfect solutions for most these limitations.Some of the limitations of B1 in the current business scenario and their solution using sugar connector are listed below

  1. Saving Time and Money

    Extending SAP Business One could be a costly and time taking affair. Also just like any ERP solution, SAP Business One is limited to the people at headquarters and not for all the staff in general. Thus even before extending SAP Business One functionality, you must discuss whether it makes sense to lets say extend it for Sales Team which are on the go always?

Solution: Since, SugarCRM is an open-source platform, you can create your own modules, functions and logic implementations exactly the way you want it to be. SugarCRM can be easily extended with drag and drop developments possible on it.

  1. Reduced Landscape Complexity

To manage customer relationship management and pipeline management, you require a tool which is simple agile and easy to integrate. SugarCRM does exactly that. You can get real time visibility and far better user adoption by moving to SugarCRM. Value added features like Workflow and Reporting can help your business remain efficient.

Solution: You can use Sugar to build your workflow management system just the way you like it and integrate it with your B1 for advanced functionalities. This enables the company to quickly create and update workflows that start or end even outside of SugarCRM, giving it a bi-directional functionality.

  1. Thick Client Versus Web Application

    On-the-go mobility is not possible with SAP Business One. The infrastructural requirements to access SAP B1 remains far more than a typical web application.

 Solution: With the help of SugarCRM responsive theme for mobile devices it becomes very easy to handle most of the heavy works on the CRM side and also integrate them with B1.



Integrating SugarCRM with SAP Business One is a very beneficial solution to address a lot of business problems. They are in essence best of the breed solution in their individual areas. Integrating them helps in being able to use the features they provide in a seamless manner. Veon helps the business integrated the applications leveraging robust platform called APPSeCONNECT. To know more about the solution, reach out to us by filling the form on the right hand side.


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