Magento Meet Up Hyderabad – 23rd May

//Magento Meet Up Hyderabad – 23rd May

Magento Meet Up Hyderabad – 23rd May

We had an eventful Magento meet-up in Hyderabad and the event saw much higher footfall than we expected. Overall it was a fulfilling exercise to see substantial portion  of the community come together at Vatika Business Centre, Road No 12, Banjara Hills.  This includes developers, system integrator s and merchants looking for developers. This post is to thank all the participants and also encourage future participation. Following are the highlights of the events.

The Preparation for the meet up


magento meetup pic

Magento Meet-Up Hyderabad

The planning for this event started early April. Even though we started early, we realized that it was going to be a learning in itself. There were the following challenges in this phase which were overcome by a join effort among the organizers.

Planning and Reaching out to Audience

The most difficult part was to reach out to the Magento community. Effort was made to reach out by direct mailers, social media and tele-calling. The venue and timing was chosen so that it was convenient for the participants. We also circulated online flyers in the developer and merchant community. This kicked started the enrollment process for the event.

Agenda Finalization

In parallel, effort was made to have guest speakers and an agenda which would have the mass appeal. We took clues from an earlier event in  Bangalore. Finalization of the Agenda was done by second week of May. Following were the items planned.

Rehearsals / Registration Desk

To ensure that we could accommodate last moment entries, we planned registration desk. We also carried out a full-fledged rehearsal in order to do a time check and remove other logistics related bottlenecks. This proved to be a major plus during the execution.

The event

We had substantial number of last moment entries. Thankfully we had factored the same while planning and were able to accommodate all participants. Following were the key agenda items which were appreciated by the group


A. SAP Magento integration – Demo Session

Guest speaker Aejaz Habib showed a working demo of how complex ERP system like SAP could be integrated  with Magento to provide online channel for sale among the respective enterprise. This included demoing of how SAP sends master data to Magento and how web orders flow into SAP. This session was quiet interactive and many discussion points came from the audience.

B. Break Out session

This was more of an opportunity for the participants to interact among themselves. During this period, many positive comments came out. One of the most important thing which came out was from a merchant who was looking to launch a new web-store. The mentioned person could immediately reach out to developers and connected with them for future discussion.

C. High Tea Cum Quiz

We planned this as an ice breaker. Questions were put up in and around e-commerce and the audience were meant to answer the same. This helped the group become more lively and ensured all round participants even from the back-benchers.


Apart from feedback session, we discussed generally on how they felt being a part of the community. The response was overwhelming. Almost the entire group felt that we should meet more often to exchange ideas, view and become aware of opportunities. The group also felt that we should remain connected on inMagento community on facebook.

We thank the entire organizing team for taking the effort in not only making the effort to help make this even successful but also to create a lasting impact within our minds!

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