We are hiring Fresh and Experienced Developers

//We are hiring Fresh and Experienced Developers

We are hiring Fresh and Experienced Developers

Veon is hiring fresh graduates as well as experienced PHP and .NET developers. This post describes the salient aspects of the recruitment process. Going through this post would not only help clarify the common doubt candidates may have but may also help them prepare better by knowing what can be asked.

Qualification for the Post

The following are the key requirements for the position. It may be noted that there are separate seats for experienced and fresh candidates. The qualification for freshers are listed below. They are classified into three aspects.

Qualification for the Job
Ability to understand, comprehend and write algorithms. Must have done development on any programming language. PHP / Java / .NET / C are preferred due to similarity with the kind of work we do. Conceptual understanding of Object Oriented Programming (OOPs). Must be able to relate common life entities into OOPs model. Understanding of various loops structure (WHILE and FOR).
Comprehend relational tables and related concepts like keys and data. Robust understanding of relations and foreign keys. Ability to write SQLs with JOIN conditions. Knowledge of best practices in writing SQLs. Understanding of arrays and their use in programming.
Must be able to work in a team and have a positive approach towards works and colleagues. Ability to communicate in English and comprehend instructions. Must be presentable and must have a professional attitude.

Recruitment Process


The recruitment is done in multiple stages. Understanding what is being evaluated improves your chances of success at our company. The related information is given below. It would be imperative for all candidates to go through the same.

1. Written Test

Due to the volume of candidates appearing for the position, we need to shortlist must the candidates.There is a written test to evaluate your algorithmic capability and basic programming skills mentioned above. Please note that this test is independent of programming language and you just need to have the concepts. Syntax is of no importance. Also language skills are only evaluated in the second step for the candidates which qualify in this round.

2. Technical Interview

This round has an interaction between you an one of our technical leads. They judge where you stand in terms of your understanding of programming concept. They try to stretch you beyond your limits and see how you deal with the same. While correct answers are important, they also try to see your approach and algorithmic skills. Thus attitude towards technically difficult situations are also monitored. However, if you don’t know anything about the topic, its best to mention the same.

3. Personal Round

Candidates qualifying in both the rounds are put to this round. One of the senior members of the company interacts with you to know your family background, interests and why you consider yourself fit for the company. There may be one or two technical questions but the parameter being evaluated in this round is personal skills and attitude. Ability to understand instructions is also being evaluated.


How to Apply

Veon sources it candidates from various channels. You can apply to the job using Elitmus, one of the primary channels of our sourcing. If you are in Hyderabad, you can also check with your institute heads on whether they already have an arrangement with us so far as placement is concerned.

However you can also apply directly by filling up the form below. Please note that this does not have a facility to upload your resume. Only the candidates meeting our requirements will be asked to send their resume and also be instructed on the slot they need to come to our office.


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