How PHP is changing the face of modern web application

//How PHP is changing the face of modern web application

How PHP is changing the face of modern web application

Web Programming has been in the main stream since the early 90’s and has been on the rise since in terms of user base as well as online communities. Why wouldn’t it be, if you look at the power of the web application and the tasks they are able to execute? This has been more than evident in the PHP communities. In the early 90’s PHP was used just as a website development tool to maintain and design HTML websites. PHP is best suited and the number 1 choice for . Now, PHP is not only used as a website development tool, but also has changed our web browsing experience to the next level as it is being widely used as a general-purpose programming language.

Recently PHP has been hugely popular amongst scripting languages. Major companies including open-source platforms like Drupal, WordPress, osCOMMERCE, Prestashop etc. use PHP to develop their platform. Many integration processes like WordPress – SugarCRM integration are possible only because they use PHP extensively. It is really hard to compete against the popularity of PHP over other languages since a large percentage of WordPress user use PHP for their development, even Facebook uses PHP for their website, hence PHP comes with a lot of popularity and credibility. The graph below clearly shows the PHP usage % is way higher than its counterparts.


PHP vs other languages (pie-chart)


Why PHP – Top 6 reasons

There are several scripting languages that developers can choose from while building web applications viz. JPS, CGI, ASP, PERL and PHP. The top competitors and the language of choice for developers are ASPX and PHP.

Even though it a trend amongst developers to try more and more languages as possible in order to build their skills, knowledge of PHP is one of the most in-demand skills in the market. Below are the top 6 reasons why one should choose PHP over other languages –

  1. Freedom of usage

PHP is open source; hence it comes with a huge community to developers and users. When compared to ASPx, the level of freedom one gets is far loftier. It can be easily edited on free source softwares like Notepad++, Bluefish etc., while with ASPx you will be limited to just Microsoft Visual Studio.

  1. Support

As a developer the last thing you would want is to get stuck without any instant help. As mentioned in the above point PHP is open-source and comes with tons of online forums & communities to support you in your coding quest. Support for PHP is available in all formats possible, be it PDFs, blogs, social media, and videos. PHP has the largest user base of any scripting language.

  1. Ease of learning

PHP syntax is similar to that of C and Java, even basic HTML coding knowledge can let you pick up PHP with ease. It is one of the clearest and easy to understand language out there.

  1. Scalability factor

In the IT world, scalability is like platinum. If you’re dealing with databases or hosting, or in this case, programming, scalability is quite an important thing. PHP is built in a way where your cluster size can easily be augmented  by adding more servers to it.

  1. Object as well as array-oriented

Array-oriented programming (AOP) is a highly reliable way which includes the combination of structures of object oriented & efficiency of procedural apps.

  1. Speed of execution

Unlike other traditional scripting languages, PHP does not use a large number of resources to run. Also when PHP is used with other software, it does not affect the speed of execution merely because it is a very mature language and is very stable.


PHP can be considered as the saviour of the modern web. Being open-source for life PHP has infinite possibilities yet to be explored. It can be used to pipeline webpages for high performance, build apps, maintain server side scripting and much more. PHP is here to stay and grow continuously.

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