ClearTrip SugarCRM Implementation

//ClearTrip SugarCRM Implementation

ClearTrip SugarCRM Implementation

ClearTrip is one of Asia’s leading travel portal ranked 124th by Alexa in terms of traffic volume in the region. It was using community edition of SugarCRM for its after sales process. However the system had become non-responsive due to data volume and the immediate task on hand was to optimize the instance as per recommended practices. The engagement was then renewed to customize SugarCRM as per requirements of ClearTrip and also incorporate B2B selling.


Business and Technical Challenges

SugarCRM was implemented in-house by developers who were not experienced. The client was experiencing the following challenges due to which it made the current system non-scalable and unfriendly for the end users. ClearTrip signed up with us to have the same resolved before further customization could be done.

  1. The solution used was an outdated version of SugarCRM CE with serious security issue.
  2. Huge data volume leading to enormous amount of duplication.
  3. Non-optimal integration with the booking platform which made data flow intensive.
  4. No reporting or data mining was available in the system which made the system opaque to senior management.
  5. There was no possibility to send from the application.




The project was divided into phases mentioned below. Each phase had distinct deliverable and objectivse. The phase was structured in a manner that there was no disruption to the live application as it was being used almost 24 X 7 by the support team members.


Mapping phase

This phase aimed at mapping the entire instance into latest version of SugarCRM.  Following were the critical success factors / objectives of the phase

  1. Put up a business process chart with all variations so far as SugarCRM is concerned.
  2. Put up a new version of SugarCRM on version 6.X and map all the existing customization into this new instance.
  3. Be able to run end to end transaction into the application.
  4. Sign of from the power users that the new version meets the functionality in the existing live version.
  5. Replace the live version with the new instance of SugarCRM in non operational hour.


The mapping phase was crucial to the entire project as it laid the foundation for the future phases. Moreover considering that downtime was difficult to get, the team had to manage switching the instance with only 2 hours of business downtime.


Data Manipulation phase

In this phase, the focus was on eliminating the duplicates and making the integration between the platforms optimal. The following were the crucial steps in this phase.

  1. Custom developed integration between Booking Platform and SugarCRM with better error handling and real time data exchange.
  2. Brainstorming on duplication logic and coming out with a custom PHP script to do an automated duplication merge.
  3. Executing the data merge on the existing database by having a cron job process the data in batches without affecting performance of the live system.


Value Addition phase

With the completion of the data manipulation phase, the application was optimized in terms of performance and integration points. However this phase made it more useful for the end users by having the following features

  1. Reporting feature developed on the instance which made data mining possible.
  2. Automated marking of contacts by giving an index on the value to the company by processing previous bookings
  3. Automated personas for the contacts for targeted campaigns.
  4. Having complex VOIP integration to ensure that more valuable customers are prioritized in the waiting queue.


ClearTrip Signs us again for B2B Implementation

ClearTrip for business was launched as new division of the company which had different needs than the B2C segment. This phase needed complex customization to handle the following aspects of the business.

  1. Sales hierarchy and territory mapping so that a salesperson can see information relevant to him / herself.
  2. Salesforce automation requiring workflows and automation to handle the sales team.
  3. Complex sales reporting and third party integration to handle order to cash process.
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