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SugarCRM in India

India has always been the hub of technological developments and implementations.  SugarCRM has completely changed the game of CRM software with its association with in numerous customers, partners and developers here in India. Being open-source in nature, it is being luxuriated by various companies with teams ranging from as less as 10 to 5000+ employees.

Working with SugarCRM for over 7 years, we decided to conduct an in-depth analysis of the Indian market. In this article we will be providing you with crucial results of our analysis. India being the hub of technological implementations and out-sourcing, Sugar is used in diverse small and large scale industries. In this article we have tried to tool out a few companies based on their strength and size.


Analyzing SugarCRM customers in India

There two different perspective of analyzing the customer base in India. First being the distribution of customers across various industry domains and lastly analyzing on basis of size of the company. We have analysed over a relatively small sample of available information over the net. Please read this with the disclaimer that we don’t claim that this information is 100% complete or accurate

Industry Based Analysis

Below is the graphical representation of the percentage of industries using SugarCRM in India. It is very clear that sugar is very trendy in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical verticals. India being one of the fast growing countries in the health sectors this wasn’t a surprise. This is followed by the education niche which is also quite expected as universities are now willing to participate healthily in DBMS infrastructures, and what more easy implementation than an open-source software. E-commerce, banking and retail also have a considerable adoption rate of SugarCRM.


Industry based comparison


Company size analysis

SugarCRM has been able to replace other applications like Goldmine, Salesforce and Zoho for many Indian customers. Though most of the client bases of these Indian companies come from US and Europe, Indian Multinational companies have also been showing quite a lot of traction in the adoption of open-source technologies like SugarCRM.

Below the chart shows the size comparison of customers implementing SugarCRM solutions for their businesses. We have gathered this information mainly by visiting the Sugar developer company’s page and looking into their displayed clients. It is quite clear that Healthcare and Education are the major


Industry size wise comparison of SugarCRM users in India


SugarCRM partners/developers/providers in India

From the pie-chart below it is clear that majority of companies have an employee base of less than 50. Since Sugar does not require gigantic customization and module developments it is quite expected that small companies prefer using this software.

There are 3 official SugarCRM partners in India and copious independent developers, freelancers and small companies providing Sugar services to the market.

Size wise comparison of Comapnies implementing Sugar solutions



Most active forums/Social Media

We searched for SugarCRM content and forums maintained by Indian users. We found out that LinkedIn, SugarCRM community and SugarCRM Facebook page are the most participated ones. We were not satisfied with the participation of Indians in SugarCRM community and given the strong eco-system and cloud infrastructure, social media is not utilized to its fill limits.


Veon’s CRM Offerings – Journey & Credentials

SugarCRM Services at Veon started in 2007. Veon has been an active and Senior Member in community. We have been the partners of choice at AHERF with a contract of 3 years. We have worked for some of the premier Asian clients like AHERF, ClearTrip (India’s top Travel Portal) in our initial years of service.

Veon Sugar timeline


In 2010, we became SugarCRM partners and one of top  destination for off-shoring SugarCRM projects. In the same year till 2012, we launched multiple solutions on SugarCRM. SAP – SugarCRM Integration, SugarCRM Real Estate Solution, Territory Management Solution. SugarCRM Upgrade Tool was built to accelerate the upgrades by making it semi-automatic.


India has been a major contributor in the SugarCRM community ever since it started. India provides a huge platform for the growth of SugarCRM both for developers and for businesses. Sugar has a very strong potential and said with guarantee that it is here to stay.


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