Top 5 Simple Low cost CRMs for small businesses

//Top 5 Simple Low cost CRMs for small businesses

Top 5 Simple Low cost CRMs for small businesses

Customer Relationship Management applications are incredibly powerful tools which when implemented in the right way can do wonders for a company. For big enterprises CRM systemsare generally heavyweight, cumbersome and expensive to maintain.

In small business environments, it is sometimes very difficult to decide the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software because of their unique requirements. In this article we aim to help you through the process of selecting CRM software for your company.


Top 5 affordable CRM options for SMEs

Though there are a huge number of CRM solutions to choose from, we have tried to cut your journey short by listing out the most affordable as well as useful ones. Below are listed the top 5 CRM software available in the market.

1. SugarCRM


SugarCRM is a commercial opensource solution which means that it has both free and paid versions of the application. This is definitely better than a pure opensource solution because until and unless the parent company has a revenue model, it cannot invest in the product.

Some of the most important features that of the SugarCRM that make it different from other software are listed below:

  • Ease of customization

    Inherent features like studio and module builder are one of a kind and not found amongst its competitors.

  • Managing operations

    Sugar can be easily used as a mini ERP and also as a collaboration software solution for small companies.

  • Remarkable community support

    Over the years SugarCRM has developed a rocking community for company owners, developers, re-sellers and company representatives.

Pricing: Range from $40 – $150 per user per month for Professional edition. Community edition is available for free download on their website.



2. Zoho

ZohoCRM low cost crm

ZOHO CRM provides with very well organized tools and resources which essentially helps in capturing leads from your website, tracking sales activity, managing email marketing strategies and emails, and also accessing information of customers with ease.

Drag and drop customization in ZohoCRM helps the non tech-savvy to customise easily without any or minimal help from the technical guys.

Pricing: FREE for up to 3 users with 5,000 or less customer contacts. Paid plans range from $12 – $35 per user per month.


3. Salesforce

salesforce crm for small businesses is all-in-one CRM software for all types of businesses. With Salesforce Small Business Solutions, your small enterprise can take full advantage of the packages that the company has to offer.

Salesforce has implemented an easy-to-use interface which does not require much of a learning angle. The software focuses on bringing leads and closing them quickly and effectively. The whole customer cycle is very much optimized and effective.

Some of the major features of this software are listed below:

  • Email Integration
  • Real time data
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales performance management
  • Customer service

Pricing: Starting from $25 – $65 per user per month for their SME version and $125 – $250 per user per month for their Enterprise and Unlimited version.


4. Vtiger

VtigerCRM logoVtigerCRM focuses on small to medium sized enterprises. It has an open-source foundation that makes it easy for the customers to build within the CRM system.

Using Vtiger you can effortlessly manage customer interactions, assign tasks to various members in your organization and also allow customers to maintain a personalized web portal where service request can be viewed and submitted. Vtiger also has good integration with Gmail, Outlook and MailChimp.

Pricing: Starting from $10 – $30 per user per month for their Sales software and $20 – $30 per user per month for their Support software.


5. Insightly

InsightlyCRM and project management

Insightly CRM is specifically designed for small businesses. It is a very simple yet powerful CRM software and been used over 350,000 freelancers and business over globe.

Insightly has a very powerful accessibility platform which allows you to quickly access your contact information involving important dates, background and email history. A unique feature allows you to store customer information send over mail by capturing snapshots as they also provide unified sync with Gmail, Google Drive, Outlook 2013, Office 365 and social media accounts.

Pricing: FREE for up to 3 users with 2,500 or less customer contacts. Paid plans range from $29-$99 per user per month.



There is a cut-throat competition for CRM software in the market. It is necessary to understand the requirements of your organization in context of CRM before investing on any of the available options.

Hope this article was helpful in determining the CRM best suited for you. Follow us for more such articles.

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